Meg Moon

Meg Moon is a bookworm, writer and storyteller. With a background in songwriting, she tells stories through music and words. With this in mind, she began combining her love for music and writing to help other bands and artists, before exploring her other passion for eco-friendly living. Wanting to spread the word and raise awareness, she encourages others to consider their impact on the planet through her own blog, which focuses on conscious living. If she’s not rocking out on stage or getting creative, you’ll find Meg out in nature somewhere; reading, drawing, making music, singing, daydreaming and finding ways to become a better human

Articles by Meg Moon

  1. Why Trees Can Help Us All

    Did you know that the longest living organism on earth is a tree? There is no other creature on the whole of planet Earth that lives as long as a tree does. Believe it or not, tree...

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