The Best Gift For Book Lovers

Bookworms come in all shapes and sizes – from voracious readers who devour every book with gusto, to those who take their time, reading slowly but steadily, tortoise-like in their technique. Every reader has a different approach, but they all have one thing in common – they can’t resist a new book. So forget posters, prints, mugs, t-shirts – the best gift for book lovers is a good old-fashioned book. The real question is: which book?

With so many tomes to choose from – classics, bestsellers, childhood favourites, must-reads, book club recommendations – it can be difficult to know which book to buy for your bookworm buddy. Sure, you can drop hints, or even ask outright – but there’s no surprise in that. For a really gratifying gift, a book box is your best bet.

Why A Book Box Is A Great Gift For Book Lovers

Whether you’re buying for friends, family, yourself, or a gift for this year’s Secret Santa, if you know a book lover, you know someone who’ll absolutely love a book box. Here’s why Hand Me Down Book Club book boxes are the best around.

The Element Of Surprise

It’s a fact – everyone likes surprises. They may not love huge surprise parties, or horror movie jumpscares, but everyone can get behind thoughtful surprise gifts – especially when they’re lovingly wrapped and delivered. We handpick our book boxes based on your preferences, so the utmost care and attention goes into every selection. Plus, since you never know what you’re going to get, anticipation and excitement builds with every box. And as far as we’re concerned, you can’t be too cute when it comes to gift-giving – so we’ll wrap your books in paper and string, and deliver them to your favourite bookworm every month.

Customise Your Choices

If you’re a little unsure about leaving your book selection up to chance, don’t be! Show them how well you know them by tailoring your book box to their tastes. It’s easy to customise your genre selection online. Choose from a range of categories – as many as you like! – so your gift fits the bill. We’ve split our genres into different options, so you can get really specific about the books you want to send (or receive). It’s a great way to make sure thriller-seekers get the adrenaline rush they’re after, and sci-fi lovers aren’t served with Jane Eyre.

Ethical Book Buying

Between new books and e-readers, the publishing industry has a pretty big impact on the environment. As a result, lots of readers are looking for more sustainable ways to feed their book addiction – and second hand books are a great way to do it. Our books may be used, but they’re in good nick – we never send out any books we wouldn’t be happy to receive ourselves. Plus, all our packaging is plastic-free, and we reuse boxes wherever we can. That means second hand books aren’t just great gifts for book lovers – they’re great for the planet, too.

Read Something Different

Book boxes are a great way for readers to discover tastes they didn’t even know they had. From new authors to overlooked classics, a regular subscription service keeps their bookshelves topped up with books that might be outside their usual reading remit. For the ultimate surprise gift, leave your genre choices unchecked and let our book club team pick for you.

Thrifty And Thoughtful

Buying books on the regular can be an expensive business. Ebooks can be cheap; e-readers are not. You’ll pay over the odds for a shiny new hardback, and even paperbacks can be a bit pricey. But second hand books are another matter. In fact, buying used books is a thrifty way to send a thoughtful gift to all kinds of readers. Our pricing structure means the more books you buy, the less it’ll cost you per book and we’re flexible with how often you pay. You’ll even get free delivery. What’s not to love about great gifts that don’t break the bank?

Get Kids Into Reading

If your kids are already voracious readers, you know they’ll love receiving a book box as much as any grown-up. If not, it’s a great way to get them into reading! They’ll love the anticipation of waiting for their book stash to arrive. We currently offer books that are suitable for kids aged 5-8 and 9-12, as well as young adult fiction (to be honest, this is pretty popular with grown-ups, too).

How Does The Hand Me Down Book Club Gift Subscription Work?

It’s really easy to buy a book box gift subscription from Hand Me Down Book Club. Just choose the box you want to send and click Buy As A Gift. You’ll then be prompted to choose your shipment start date and frequency to place your order! It’s guaranteed to bring a big toothy grin to your favourite bookworm’s face.

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