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Free UK shipping on all book boxes

How often would you like to pay?

Free UK shipping on all book boxes

How often would you like to pay?

Free UK shipping on all book boxes

Find your next white-knuckle literary caper in our Crime/Thriller Book Subscription. From John Grisham's tense thrillers to the classic detective novels of Agatha Christie, even the most ardent thrill-seekers will find their next satisfying read in this subscription collection.

We'll send you a curated collection of thrillers and crime novels every month. Our second-hand book subscription service means you'll never be without an exciting new book to read. Plus, every Hand Me Down Book Club subscription bought helps save trees all over the world.

Our Crime/Thriller Book Subscription includes books from crime writers all over the world. From stark Swedish dramas to gritty US detective series, find your next hard-hitting book fix in our collection of crime books and thriller novels.

Example titles in the Crime/Thriller Book Box:

  • The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins
  • The Snowman - Jo Nesbo
  • The Wire In The Blood - Val McDermid

Subscribe to our Crime/Thriller Book Box for a monthly dose of suspense from some of the world's best crime writers.


When will I receive my books?

Your first order will be dispatched within 2 working days for delivery within 5 working days. Subsequent orders will be dispatched on your monthly anniversary

What condition are the books in?

They're pre-loved books but graded good to great condition. Some may have signs of use but we would never send out anything that is in anything less than what we’d be happy with ourselves

Is your packaging sustainable?

All of Hand Me Down Book Club's packaging is completely plastic free, sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable. We also endeavour to reuse any boxes that we receive ourselves, so packaging from month to month may vary!

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